Tour FAQ

Tour FAQ

Q: What should I wear on the tour?
A: Please dress comfortably and appropriate for the current weather. Check if you are unsure. Our buses have A/C and heating to keep you comfortable while in the bus. We recommend wearing comfortable, closed-toed shoes. We will be walking and standing quite a bit during the tours, and we are visiting working industrial facilities.

Q: Is there a bathroom on the bus?
A. NO - We recommend using the facilities before we leave each venue. Time between destinations averages about 20 minutes. You'll have ample warning before leaving each stop to give you a chance to "do your thing."

Q: Can I bring my own beer on the bus?
A: Yes, you can bring your own beer on the bus. But remember you will get a lot of beer on the tour. We have a cooler to keep your brews cold, including any you might purchase during the tour to bring home. Please note, drinking out of glass containers is not allowed while on board our buses. Plastic cups are provided for your convenience.

Q: Can I smoke on the bus?
A: No. Arizona and Federal law prohibits smoking while on the bus, and Arizona law further prohibits smoking indoors. Please note that our company policy also prohibits the use of "electric cigarettes" or "e-cigarettes" on-board our buses.

Q: Do you allow minors on tours?
A: All tour participants must be 21 years or older. There is a teetotaler ticket available.

Q: Who is Arizona Brewery Tours?
A: We are an owner-operator, based in Phoenix, Arizona, specializing in craft brewery tours. We offer both public and private educational group tours to local craft breweries and brewpubs. We are not a party bus service. Although the party is on our bus!

Q: Are all of the tips included or What should I tip?
A: Tips for your driver or beer guide are optional and at your discretion. If you had some fun, learned something, or felt the driving was safe - show them some love! Gratuities for waitstaff and servers are included in your tour price.

Q: Is there a minimum number of people required for a tour?
A: On a public tour a total of 5 guests are needed to run the tour.

Q: Where are your public tour pick-up/return locations?
A: HOP'on tours pick up at The Brass Tap  - 1033 N Dobson Rd #104, Mesa, AZ 85201
and  in front of Cartel Coffee - 1 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (Downtown Phoenix)
Short HOP tour pick up is at; Cartel Coffee - 1 N 1st St, Phoenix, AZ 85004 (Downtown Phoenix)
Custom pick-ups are available upon request and availability. Fees may apply.
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