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About us

Founders Hoppymoto and Johnny Boi have been enjoying a good brew together for many years. In fact, they are always searching for “the perfect brew” and so far Arizona provides some of the best.Hoppymoto grew up in San Francisco Area, where a handful of the few craft breweries still existed in the 70's and early 80's. His appreciation for good food and great beers started at a very, very early age. In fact, mom caught the toddler pouring beer into his cereal. A few years later at the age of 12, he was already cooking with beer. He still shares a few of these secret recipes with fellow beer lovers over 35 years later.

In our quest for that perfect beer, or perfect beer pairing, at that perfect time.... we just absolutely have to sample brew from around the world and taste it with a variety of foods. Of course we learn a lot along the way and we enjoy sharing with other beer and food lovers.

We’d like to think we are creating a whole new crowd of craft beer lovers - and providing a service to the local Hop Heads as well.

Johnny Boi is a native Arizonan and a local hop head. He has been practicing tasting beers with his dad - well, since he was 21 of course. He hopes to keep tasting and practicing - until he gets it right, or finds that perfect beer.“ Arizona has a lot to offer - fun, sun, sports - and a heckuva lot of good brews and breweries,” said Johnny, “you need to check them all out and see what’s brewin.”

Locally-owned and operated by fellow craft beer lovers. We are here to help foster the growth of Arizona craft beer and culture.

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